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Nimmi - Indian Actress

Nimmi - Indian Actress
Nimmi (b. 1932) was a famous actress in the 1950s.

Nimmi was born in the small town of Fatehbad, Uttar Pradesh in 1932. Her mother's name was Wahidan. She came to Bombay with her mother who played small roles in minor films in the 1930s. Nimmi was fortunate to get a break in Barsaat (1949) through Raj Kapoor, where she played the role of a pahaadi girl. Soon she was working with heroes like Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand and Dilip Kumar in the 1950s. After Andaaz (1949), Mehboob Khan cast her in Aan (1952). With this she shot into stardom alongside Dilip Kumar, whom she acted with in Daag in the same year. In the late 1950s, Nimmi worked with renowned directors like Chetan Anand, Vijay Bhatt, and K.A. Abbas. As her career progressed, Nimmi delved into film production and started her own banner. She made the film Danka both as a star and a producer.

By the 1960s, Nimmi's career went under a cloud with all the new actresses coming in. Being a fan of Ashok Kumar, she never really got to pair with him romantically, despite starring alongside him in Deedar and Bhai Bhai. She made her last film, Akashdeep (1965) and left the film industry. She fell in love with screen writer S. Ali Raza, who wrote the dialogues for her films Barsaat, Aan and Andaz, married him and settled down. Her incomplete film Love and God which went through many difficulties during filming after the deaths of leading actor Guru Dutt and director K. Asif was released in 1986 in incomplete form.

Today, Nimmi lives next to her beloved Bombay seafront in Worli with her husband.

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