Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mohit Suri and Udita Goswami are to marry soon !

Mohit Suri and Udita Goswami are to marry soon !
by Rajiv Dutta

After Awarapan , 26-year old director Mohit Suri has moved to a plush flat near Dimple theatre in Bandra, with his longtime girlfriend Udita Goswami . They plan to marry soon.

A source says, “Mohit and Udita have been in a serious relationship since Zeher . The relationship has been smooth and they have decided to live together now. Udita has moved in with her dogs. They are planning to tie the knot soon.”

However, when contacted, Udita refuses to admit that she is living with Mohit and is ready to tie the knot. However, Mohit's uncle, Mahesh Bhatt says, “If Mohit and Udita have not moved in yet, I have reasons to believe that they will do that soon. As for marriage, the kind of relationship they have can only progress to marriage.”

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