Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Bollywood Acting 101: Looking Away Shyly

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VERY good article about "Looking Away Shyly".
Well worth the read.

Bollywood Acting 101: Looking Away Shyly
August 01, 2007
Aditi Nadkarni

The couple is atop a slow moving tonga. O.P Nayyar's music is beating miraculously in sync with the clicking hooves. Now no matter what the hero says, sings, whispers, bellows, mutters, we all know what's coming: the heroine ducks her head, giggles and then just as the camera moves in, her kohl-lined, mascara tinged, eye-liner framed eyes, look up, then down, then up again before she bites her lip and looks away, even more coyly, if that were possible. This is the "Looking Away Shyly" phenomenon that has preserved the virginal, chaste image of Bollywood heroines.

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