Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More Meera

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Meera is a movie actress from Pakistan. She is based in Lahore.

Through late 2004 and early 2005, she worked on her first Bollywood project Nazar, directed by Soni Razdan. This movie was the first joint production between India and Pakistan. It was released in February 2005. It immediately landed in trouble with the Pakistani Government, who objected strongly to a scene where she kisses the hero (played by Ashmit Patel of India), on religious and moral grounds. Allegedly, Meera has been fined an undisclosed amount for the kiss. Reportedly, the Pakistani Government is also considering a ban on Pakistani actors from working on Indian projects.

Later doubts were placed on Meera's claim that she had been fined when the Pakistani government denied placing any fines on Meera for the kiss. Mahesh Bhatt, the film's producer has been known for antics such as these to gain popularity for his movie projects. She had also claimed to have received death threats that were strongly disputed by her own colleagues.

Meera has done more bolder roles in local Pakistani movies and also some lewd videos of her and an unidentified man which have been leaked out are doing their rounds on the internet. Meera is known to be a dancer in Heera Mandi,like Reema Pakistan's infamous red light district based in Lahore.

Meera is also set to join the social work bandwagon in the footsteps of people like Imran Khan, Abrar ul Haq, Jawad Ahmad and Shehzad Roy. She is going to establish a social welfare organization that will provide shelter to homeless and needy women. The project will be named after her mother Shafqat Zehra. "A complex spread over an area of 16 acres of land will be constructed in Sheikhupura comprising a school, hospital and home for the needy and homeless women. My mother has donated land for the project. I myself will take care of the project. I know it is a tough job to complete such a big project but I am determined to do it," Meera said.

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