Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I am a great fan of Ash: Celina Jaitley

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I am a great fan of Ash: Celina Jaitley

Five years ago when she walked the streets of Kolkata in her sneakers, Celina Jaitley would never have imagined that someday she would walk the streets of London with its Mayor in tow, cheered on by millions of people.

But that’s what happened when she was invited to be the chief guest at the India Now Festival over there. Which speaks a lot about the journey of a girl who studied in a Hindi medium school, mastered the art of fluently conversing in English, and slowly secured her position in the film industry.

“Today I can do a book on Hindi writer and poetess Mahadevi Varma and recite the dohas of Kabir, all in Hindi. I say, delve beyond the look to find the real person. Don’t go by looks,” said Celina.

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