Thursday, September 20, 2007

Priyanka Chopra leads the female brigade

Priyanka Chopra leads the female brigade

You’re the first A-list actress in Bollywood who’s gone corporate, signing up multi-film deals with production houses. What advantage does this give you, considering you’re already in a position to pick and choose your roles?

This industry has always been male-dominated. Given this fact, it feels great to lead the women’s brigade and sign a deal of such significance. It feels nice to know that a production house believes I am bankable enough for such a contract.

I have always wanted to be more involved in the making of films. In this deal, I will be involved in the film’s conception, shortlisting scripts and genres. I will have full freedom to choose directors and even technicians! I am looking forward to creating celluloid magic together with the production house.

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