Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Deepika Padukone - Bollywood Actresses

You know until I had a poll on one of my Hubs at HubPages, I never realized just how popular Deepika Padukone was.
When they found out there was a poll, her fans flocked to her defense easing her up over Katrina Kaif.
But not by a whole lot....evidently Kat has a lot of fans too.

Deepika Padukone - Bollywood Actresses

Deepika was actually not born in India but in Copenhagen, Denmark...but her family moved to India when she was a year old.
So she might as well been born in India.

Deepika Padukone - Bollywood Actresses-bollywood

She made her big screen debut in the 2006 Kannada film, "Aishwarya" and has gone on to appear in close to thirty films.

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