Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rakhi Sawant to endorse Mint-O Fresh Cool Green

Rakhi Sawant to endorse Mint-O Fresh Cool Green
By IndiaFM News Bureau, July 17, 2007 - 16:03 IST

ITC Limited – Foods Division today announced the expansion of the Mint-O Fresh portfolio with the launch of Mint-O Fresh Cool Green. The new variant Mint-O Fresh Cool Green will provide further thrust to the formidable presence that Mint-O Fresh has established in the adult mint category. The brand has also roped in the bold and confident Rakhi Sawant to highlight the brand and product salience.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Mr. Ravi Naware, Divisional Chief Executive, ITC Ltd – Foods Division said "The new variant of Mint-O Fresh hallmarks ITC Foods' innovative & differentiated product strategy. ITC Ltd – Foods Division, being at the forefront of product development and innovation has introduced the new variant of Mint-O Fresh after months of product and consumer research. The new product will be supported by a multi-media communication campaign including a new television commercial featuring Rakhi Sawant. The initial campaign will be further supplemented by on-ground promotions distinctly communicating the product attributes and brand essence."

The communication of Mint-O Fresh has been about breath freshness enabling the protagonist to win over his girl. The tagline "Jab Laila ko karna tha impress to Majnu ne khayi Mint-O Fresh" has stood the test of times and is still widely known and remembered.

Speaking on the new campaign, Ishita Tandon, Brand Manager - Confectionery, ITC Ltd-Foods Division said “Signing on Rakhi will help us get this cut through and improve brand salience. Also, Rakhi is bold, confident and frank and Mint-O Fresh has similar brand values. Thus there is a good fit with Mint-O fresh. Moreover, the brand statement has been breath freshness and the communication has been about the protagonist trying to impress his girl. What better than impressing Rakhi Sawant."


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