Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Rakhi Sawant to sizzle in Krazy 4

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Rakhi Sawant to sizzle in Krazy 4

06 Aug 2007 (Sawf News) - Since her appearance on Koffee with Karan, Rakhi is fast shedding her image of a crass silicone propped item girl and emerging as a main stream Bollywood actress.

The 29 year old daughter of a Mumbai policeman, whose real name is Neeru Sawant has bagged an item number in Rakesh Roshan's comedy thriller Krazy 4.

Rakhi may lack sophistication but not humility. She knew whom to thank when she bagged the role.

"The first person I informed was Karan Johar. I thanked him for inviting me on his show. My career has taken an upward swing after featuring on Koffee with Karan."

Rakesh Roshan confirmed he had signed up Rakhi telling Mid Day, "Rakhi is performing a song in the film."

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