Sunday, July 22, 2007

Negar Khan - Bollywood Actress

Born in Iran, Negar Khan (sometimes credited as Nigar Khan) grew up in Norway, studied in Australia and was pursuing a career in Bollywood until she was deported in February 2005 by Mumbai authorities for working illegally.

She shot to fame with her scantily clad appearance in the 'Chadti Jawani' remix video and numbers in the movies Rudraksh and Shaadi Ka Laddoo.

Negar took part in the film Double Cross, in which she plays a pole dancer. She took pole dance training lessons in London.

She was deported from India to Norway after she was found to have a tourist visa which does not allow her to do work in India. End of 2005 she filmed in an Italian movie titled Vita Smeralda with actor Luigi Cassandra.

Negar Khan was married to Indian actor Sahil Khan but apparently Sahil called off their marriage citing Negar's mother interference and the distance between them as the main factor.

"Yana Gupta and Negar Khan are among the other better-known foreigners who made India their home base. "

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