Monday, July 23, 2007

No comments on Kelly Dorje now: Lara Dutta

No comments on Kelly Dorje now: Lara Dutta

Lara Dutta is in the news lately for her break-up with her live-in boyfriend Kelly Dorje.

Despite intensive efforts to make her drop her guard, she does not discuss her private life. However, she is not sulking. Read what transpired when TWF correspondent Vickey Lalwani cornered her for a one-on-one chat:

What are you playing in Partner, which releaseed last Friday?
I am playing a snoopy, nosey journalist who is always hunting for scoops, hanging on window sills and chased down the streets. Often, she is in trouble, But there’s a hero in her life Salman who keeps landing up wherever she finds herself in a hot soup.

This role must have helped you to understand a journalist’s job?
I have always understood a journalist’s job. I understand that you guys are just doing your job in a competitive industry.

So, how are you spending your time other than having work meetings?
I am planning to go to Bangalore to my parents for few days.

full interview here:

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